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Partner with a rental screening solution built specifically for independent landlords.

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There Are Two Ways to Join Hands With SmartMove.

B2B Sales Partnership Opportunities:

  • More competitive: Reach a brand new audience with a frictionless process for your customers
  • More confidence:  Near instant delivery of FCRA reports that your users want sent directly from TransUnion
  • More customers:  Integrate a comprehensive solution into your website 

B2C Affiliate Partner Opportunities:

  • Fast signup
  • 25% commission on all completed transactions
  • 30 day cookie
  • Full inventory of links and banners to get going

Which Kind of Partner Are You?

B2B Sales Integration Partnership:

  • Partners do all the marketing
  • Often white-labeled as partner’s product
  • Large, sophisticated partners with internal development team
  • Setup takes longer, often months
  • Monthly billing and potentially higher revenue share vs affiliates
  • Most appropriate for partners that have/need a native screening app
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B2C Affiliate Partnership:

  • Partners can monetize their traffic/membership
  • Signup quickly through Commission Junction
  • Site setup same day
  • Pay 25% revenue share
  • Most appropriate for partners that have an attractive audience, but aren’t in the screening business
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